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  • Key considerations for everyday LC/MS analysis
  • This video introduces some basic considerations on LC/MS analysis. It is for beginners who are going to perform LC/MS analysis.
    1. Usable Mobile Phases
    2. Ionization of the Mobile Phase
    3. Grade of the Mobile Phase Solvent
    4. Example of a mobile phase examination
    5. Impact of the injection volume
    6. Matrix effects
    7. Impact of adsorption and the sample solvent
    8. Number of data points

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Analysis Basics

  • FTIR TALK LETTER is a booklet focus on fourier transform infrared spectroscopy. It contains a wide range of information, from latest topics to analytical techniques and fundamentals of FTIR. We interview experts from various fields, sharing their experiences and opinions on FTIR and related instruments.
    ・Design of Composites by Grafting Polymer onto Inorganic Particles
    ・Laser Light Sources Used in Raman Spectroscopy
    ・Notes on Infrared Spectral Analysis -The Fundamentals
    ・Tm Analysis System

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