Incomparable Microflow Ruggedness

Realize the Benefits of Microflow While Enjoying the Ruggedness and Reliability of HPLC

The Nexera Mikros system delivers the improvements you expect from a low-flow system with the ruggedness of HPLC. A plasma blank was protein precipitated, diluted (3x), and injected 1,500 times consecutively. During the consecutive injections, QC sample (40 ppt of nortriptyline) was injected once every 50 injections of plasma blank. Peak areas and retention times of QC sample are plotted below. With 4.38% RSD area repeatability and 0.25% RSD retention time stability, extremely stable operation was demonstrated, without loss of peak shape common in high-throughput analyses of complex matrices.

*Results obtained under our application conditions.


Area Repeatability of QC Samples

Retention Time Reproducibility of QC Samples

Chromatograms from 1st, 750th, and 1,500th Injections

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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