High sensitivity and reliability

With a unique design where the eluent flow path bends back around, combined with optimized dialytic, the new ICDS™-40A anion suppressor unit achieves achieves higher efficiency and stable suppressing while maintaining a small internal volume (patent pending). Combining this suppressor with high-quality HPLC units enables highly-reliable analytical results.


The ICDS-40A achieves high sensitivity, reliability and robustness

The ICDS-40A reduces peak spreading, increasing the sensitivity for components with low retention such as fluorine ions, and improves water dip separation, enabling highly-reliable results. Using an electrodialytic system which can carry out analysis and regenerations simultaneously, the analysis cycle time can be reduced and consecutive regeneration achieved, increasing the flexibility of the analysis time settings. In addition, the suppressor uses waste solution from the detector as regenerating solution, making environmentally-unfriendly regenerating solutions such as sulfuric acid unnecessary.



The ICDS-40A replaces sodium ions in the eluent with hydrogen ions with high efficiency using hydrogen ions obtained by electrolyzing water.




For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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