Shimadzu Technology Seminar - ACT

Please join our Technology Seminar at ACT - Shimadzu Scientific, a leader in Separation Technologies and Mass Spectrometry, is proud to present the first ACT Technology meeting in Canberra. This meeting will launch the new LC-40 model of (U)HPLC, the new LC-QTOF and MALDI-TOF technologies as well as give informative talks on Cannabis testing, Drugs of Abuse testing in a Clinical Laboratory, low level steroid analysis and pesticide analyses.

Date:       Thursday, 25th of July 2019
Time:       09:00 am - 12:30 pm
Location: Jan Anderson Seminar Room, Level 1, RN
                 Robertson Building 46
                 Australian National University
                46 Sullivans Creek Road
                Canberra ACT 2600


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- Nigel Grieves, Shimadzu Operations Manager 
"What's New at Shimadzu Scientific, UHPLC LC-40 series, UFMS Technology, MALDI Technology, GC-QQQ Technology"

- Niron Van, Shimadzu Business Development Manager
"Cannabis Testing, Shimadzu's overseas and domestic experience"

- Chris Bowen, Shimadzu Business Development Manager Mass Spectrometry
"Introduction to the new Shimadzu Quantitative QTOF"

- Emma Brooks, Shimadzu Applications Specialist 
"Experience and challenges of developing multi-analyte tandem mass spectrometric assays for the analysis of drugs of abuse, endogenous steroids and pesticides"

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