Shimadzu GC, GCMS and GCMS/MS Users Meeting held in the University of Technology Sydney. Wednesday 3rd of April 2019

Please join our GC, GCMS and GCMS/MS user meeting to hear from a number of GC and GCMS expert users from a variety of background and industries. This event will give great networking opportunity for all GC and GCMS users as well as update everyone on the latest technologies and applications.

Date:       Wednesday, 3rd of April 2019
Time:       08:30 am - 12:30 pm
Location: University of Technology, Sydney
                Building 11, Level 6 Room 408, 81 Broadway, Ultimo, NSW 2007


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- Prof. Philip Doble,  University of Technology, Sydney, School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences
"Welcome to UTS and update on Analytical Research"

- Clayton Ross, Shimadzu Australasia
"What’s new with Shimadzu GC and GCMS/MS Technologies"

- Prof. Simon George and Lian Jiang, Macquarie University, Dept. Earth and Panetary Sciences
"How GC-MS is used for organic geochemistry projects at Macquarie University, with some MRM examples of biomarkers from the Gippsland Basin, Victoria"

- Dr. Unnikrishnan Kuzhiumparambil, University of Technology, Sydney, Climate Change Cluster 
"Metabolomics studies in Marine organisms"

- Clayton Ross, Shimadzu Australasia    
"Learning from the Experts - Tips and tricks for GC and GC-MS(MS) "

- Dr. Ian Jamie, Macquarie University, Dept. Molecular Sciences
"Fruit Flies and Wombat Poo: Adventures with GC-MS in Chemical Ecology"

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