New Release - HS-20 GC Headspace Sampler.

Shimadzu's New HS-20 Gas Chromatography Headspace Sampler Achieves Accurate Analysis of a Wide Range of Volatile Compounds

Enables Simultaneous Analysis of Low to High Boiling Point Compounds.

HS-20 GC Headspace samplerShimadzu Corporation has launched the HS-20 gas chromatography headspace sampler for accurate analysis of a wide range of volatile compounds with low to high boiling points.
Headspace samplers heat liquid or solid samples sealed in a container to a certain temperature, and introduce the volatile compounds that diffuse into the gaseous phase into a gas chromatograph (GC) or gas chromatograph mass spectrometer (GCMS). They are used in a wide range of fields, including environmental, materials, foods, pharmaceuticals, and forensics, to analyze gaseous components in samples.
Shimadzu applied the concentration technology used in its thermal desorption sampler when developing the HS-20. The unique configuration of flow lines and the oven enable the analysis of high boiling point compounds while minimizing carryover. In addition, by using a trap function that incorporates an electronic cooling mechanism, it is possible to concentrate the headspace gas, which enables high-sensitivity analysis of low to high boiling point compounds.

Background to the Development

Because headspace samplers enable easy analysis of volatile compounds, they are used in a variety of fields where higher reliability is required. In some applications, it is required that they detect a wide range of volatile compounds with low to high boiling points with high sensitivity, and provide accurate qualitative and quantitative results for a wide range of measurement targets.
The HS-20 responds to these needs by achieving high-sensitivity analysis of a wider range of volatile compounds. As an instrument that automatically introduces volatile compound samples into GC and GCMS, it is expected to be widely used in testing and inspection organizations within the environmental, pharmaceutical, food, and chemicals markets, as well as in universities.

Features of the HS-20 Headspace Sampler

(1) Minimizes carryover, ensuring highly reliable analysis

In order to increase the reliability of data in continuous analysis of headspaces, carryover needs to be minimized; namely, even highly adsorptive compounds must not remain in the flow lines. The deactivated sample flow lines and unique flow line structure of the HS-20 minimize sample adsorption, thereby achieving an extremely low carryover of 0.0001 % or less even for highly adsorptive acetic acid.


(2) Efficient analysis of high boiling point components

The HS-20 oven can be set to a maximum of 300 °C. This enables analysis of high boiling point compounds, which is difficult with conventional headspace samplers. Also, the length of the transfer line that connects the headspace to the GC is 30 cm, the shortest in its class. Therefore, even high boiling point components such as phthalate esters or cyclic siloxanes can be efficiently introduced to the GC column for high-sensitivity analysis. As a result, the HS-20 can be applied to quality control of chemical product materials.


(3) Accurate analysis of components with a wide range of boiling points using the electronically cooled trap

The trap model of this product concentrates the headspace gas to allow high-sensitivity analysis of volatile compounds generated from the sample. Also, cooling the trap unit to -20 °C using the electronic cooling function efficiently concentrates low boiling point components in the trap. Consequently, components with a wide range of boiling points, such as odorous components, can be analyzed with high sensitivity, for easy qualification using GCMS mass spectra or easy quantitation of trace components.
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