Excellent Sensitivity and Reliability


New Levels of Performance and Quality Created by Excellent Sensitivity, Speed and Resolution

High Sensitivity, High Resolution and High Speed

The IRTracer-100 features the highest SN ratio in its class at 60,000:1, 0.25cm-1 resolution, and high-speed scanning capable of 20 spectra/second.


High sensitivity with 60,000:1 SN ratio*1
A trace amount of additives in a plastic bag was analyzed using the IRTracer-100. Even peaks with mAbs intensity can be clearly obtained when short scanning times are utilized. The high-quality spectrum enabled quick, easy analysis. It was determined to be an aliphatic amide such as Oleamide, which is a kind of lubricant.
Analysis result of trace amount of additives in a plastic bag
Sample: Additives in a polyethylene bag
Accessory: MIRacle10
Accumulation: 20 scans (approx. 30sec.)
*1 peak-to-peak, 4cm-1 resolution, in a neighborhood of 2,200cm-1, 1-minute accumulation


Acquire High-Resolution Spectra with a 0.25cm-1Resolution Setting
Highly accurate quantitation and identification can be achieved with 0.25cm-1 resolution. For example, this resolution is suitable for the detailed analysis of each peak in a gas sample. When ammonia gas was run at 0.25cm-1 resolution, peaks in the 805 – 810 and 785 – 790cm-1 ranges were clearly resolved.
Achieve High-Speed Analysis with a 20 Hz Rapid Scan Feature*2
The rapid scan function allows a maximum of 20 spectra per second to be obtained. This makes the IRTracer-100 suitable for fast reactions that occur within a few seconds and for kinetic studies occurring in less than one second.
Rapid, high-sensitivity analysis with a 2,000: SN is available.

Analysis of curing reaction of UV light curable resin
Sample: UV light cure adhesive
Resolution: 16cm-1
Scan accumulation: 1
Total scans: 600
Interval: 50msec
Monitor: Peak at around 1,400cm-1
Detector: MCT
*2 16cm-1 resolution. Rapid scan program is optional.


Reliable High Performance

An automatic dehumidifier and advanced dynamic alignment enable easy maintenance of the interferometer.

The IRTracer-100's interferometer is optimized and stabilized using a combination of a smooth moving mirror system and the Advanced Dynamic Alignment. To assure that the IRTracer-100 is always in the optimum operating condition, a self diagnoses routine monitors the operation of the system at initialization and constantly during operation In addition, standard EP/CHP/JP/USP/ASTM validation programs are provided to evaluate the FTIR performance.
Incorporation with Advanced Dynamic Alignment


Achieving reproducible optical interference in a spectrophotometer requires a robust interferometer design. The interferometer in the IRTracer-100 easily meets this requirement. The smooth moving mirror system monitored by the Advanced Dynamic Alignment system allows the IRTracer-100 to provide optimum and stable quality spectra after only a short warm-up time. Sampling at over 5000 times /second the Advanced Dynamic Alignment keeps the IRTracer-100 in optimum operating condition. In addition, the Advanced Dynamic Alignment system automatically aligns the interferometer when the beam splitter is changed for NIR or FIR analysis.
Four Benefits of Advanced Dynamic Alignment

■ Removes the influence of environmental variations
■ Allows the FTIR to be powered off when not in use* (saving electricity and reducing the environmental impact)
■ Shorter warm-up times and enhanced stability
■ Provides for a maintenance-free system

* Automatic Dehumidifier is working.

Built-in Automatic Dehumidifier Allows for Easy Maintenance

Beam splitters used in FTIR interferometers are susceptible to humidity. In order to maintain the long-term stability of the interferometer, the beam splitter must be protected from moisture. To address this issue, the IRTracer-100 has been engineered with an airtight interferometer that incorporates a unique internal Automatic Dehumidifier.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

This page may contain references to products that are not available in your country. Please contact us to check the availability of these products in your country.