AOC-20i/s Auto Injector/Auto Sampler

AOC-20i/s Auto Injector/Auto Sampler

The AOC-20 Series is the perfect solution for automated analyses. Its proven reliability and reproducibility allows the user to take full advantage of the GC or GC/MS system capabilities.

The AOC-20 Series are no simple sample injectors. They are multifunctional robotic autosamplers that provide powerful support to enhance the reliability and productivity of your analysis operations. The AOC-20 Series offer functions including effective solvent flushing (introducing air or solvent into the syringe before sampling) for the analysis of samples that tend to remain in the syringe, multisampling to increase the sensitivity to trace components by continuous injection during analysis, and pretreatment functions including adding reaction reagents. The AOC-20 Series offer unrivalled durability and reliability.


Robotic autosamplers for diverse applications

Supports diverse injection modes, including solvent flushing and PTV large volume injection.

Multisample processing

AOC-20s handles up to 150 samples. The AOC-20i used alone can handle up to 12 samples.

Configurable into a dual-injection system

The compact design allows two AOC-20i to be mounted on a single gas chromatograph. This significantly improves productivity. Their light weight makes attachment to the gas chromatograph simple.


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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