Advanced Flow Technology Series


Innovative Flow Control Solutions for the Most Demanding Separation Problems

advanced flow technology


Newly introduced Advanced Flow Technology products provide enhanced separation capability and reduced analysis times to increase productivity. A series of dedicated devices allows users to precisely control flow switching, backflushing and other operations with excellent repeatability.

Multi-Dimensional GC/GCMS System (MDGC/GCMS)

Multi Dimensional GC


A Powerful Separation mode for the most challenging separation problems
Using two columns of orthogonal selectivity, the MDGC system can separate and quantify target substances from highly complicated matrices, such as petrochemical samples , or flavors and fragrance extracts. Unresolved peaks of interest are heart cut from the first dimension column onto a second column with a different phase polarity and completely separated.

Heart-Cut System

High-performance Separation at Lower Cost
The Shimadzu heart-cut system is a single-oven model that features the switching device from the MDGC/GCMS-2010 Series. Suitable for less demanding applications where a single oven temperature program is sufficient.

Backflushing System



For Reducing Analysis Time
After all target compounds are detected, the backflush system reduces analysis run time by reversing the flow of carrier gas and backflushing higher boiling residual substances from inside the column out through the split vent.

Detector Splitting System

Detector Splitting


For More Accurate Identification and Higher Productivity
This system splits the flow of the column effluent and delivers it to multiple detectors to obtain multiple chromatograms. An optional APC (Advanced Pressure Controller) allows backflushing on this system.

Detector Switching System

detector switching


Introduces Target Compounds into the Optimal Detector
This valveless detector switching system uses a switching device at the column outlet to control the direction of target analytes into multiple detectors. Best detection limits may be achieved for each of the various compound types by sending them post column to the appropriate detector.

Specialized Software Simplifies Method Development

Specialized Advanced Flow Technology Software, which works with GCsolution and GCMSsolution, is available for the backflush and detector splitting systems. With this software, you can easily determine analytical conditions for GC/GCMS without operating multiple software programs and with convenient parameter setup of switching and backflush programs. The Advanced Flow Technology Software is available for free. (Click here to download ) The Advanced Flow Technology series can be retrofitted on your existing Shimadzu 2010 and Plus series GC and GCMS. For further details, please contact us or your local sales representative.


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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